Ulrike Passe

Architecture; Director of ISU Center for Building Energy Research (CBER)

Sustainable Cities Team Lead; Urban Energy modeling
Kris De Brabanter 

Statistics/Computer Science 

Data Models
Michael Dorneich

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering; Human-Computer Interaction

Human factors; decision support
Caroline Krejci

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Agent-based modeling; human factors
Alenka Poplin

Community & Regional Planning

Geographic Information Systems (GIS); geogames
Linda Shenk 


Lead Community Engagement

Laura Graham

Sustainability Director, City of Des Moines

City of Des Moines community partner, Assistant to City Manager / Sustainability Coordinator

Kristen CetinCivil, Construction and Environmental EngineeringEnergy Data Modeling, high-efficiency building research
Janette ThompsonNatural Resource Ecology and ManagementCharacterizing landscape characteristics of the near-building environments, examining elements of urban agriculture, urban forestry, and stormwater flows 
Soumik SarkarMechanical EngineeringAdvanced data analytics and machine learning, integration of intelligent autonomous decision-making, augment first principle driven models and enhance human decision-making abilities in a complex environment.   Lab Info

Yuyu Zhou

Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences

Urban microclimate integration into building energy modeling, urban landscape design in future energy and emissions mitigation

Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

Mechanical Engineering

Computational fluid dynamics for microclimate environments
Matt LiebmanAgronomy Sustainable Urban Agriculture
Katherine Richardson-BrunaSchool of EducationCollaborator for NSF, NRT, INFEWS proposals
Youngme SeoCommunity and Regional PlanningReal Estate Development
Eugene TakleAgronomy, Climate Science ProgramClimate Models
Yu WangPolitical ScienceEnergy Policy, National energy modeling
Christoph ReinhartMIT Sustainable Design Lab / ArchitectureUrban Energy Modeling
Caitlin SzymanskiIowa State University ExtensionSupport of Community Growers Program






Charvi Jagani

Architecture and Urban Design

Charvi works on research related to Urban Energy Modeling and Simulation with Prof. Ulrike Passe.
Breanna MarmurNatural Resource Ecology and ManagementBreannna researches elements of urban forestry and stormwater flows to provide landscape characteristics of near-building environments
Evan HarrisonArchitectureEvan creates graphics and presentation material for various activities and programs being carried out by the team. He also maintains the web page. 
Farzad HashemiArchitectureFarzad's research is in modeling 3D urban fabrics and testing building energy simulations.
Kate FjelstadIndustrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Kate works on research in accessing and working with marginalized populations.
Jacklin StonewallIndustrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering; Human Computer InteractionJacklin works on implementing user-centered design toward creating visualizations for community members and policymakers.
Samantha GosgroveEnglishQualitative data analysis
Carlee TopeCommunity & Regional Planning / GISGIS support for youth programs
Kara HarmetCommunity & Regional Planning / GISGIS support for youth programs
Braden CervettiCommunity & Regional Planning / GISGIS support for youth programs


Collaberators and Community Partners

Yoann GorostiagaINSA Lyon FranceUrban Energy Modeling Templates
Santhi BuddabathiniData Management SystemsGame Programming
Kaylinn TaggartArchitectureData transfer and coding of energy use surveys
Vinviana TabardINSA Lyon FranceUrban energy modeling occupancy simulation
Mallory ReisbergBoys and Girls ClubCollaberator and facilitator of Community Growers project
Malai AmfahrCommunity Housing InitiativesCollaberator and co-presentor of high school youth program, East High Cares
Amber Lynch & Steering CommitteeViva East BankData sharing, goal collaberators, share insight at team meetings
Melissa Boyer-SungaDes Moines Public SchoolsCollaborator for Community Growers program, attends garden and youth related meetings
Brytani CavilCY ConceptsCoordinating effort with East High Cares program
Brian BononoCommunity Housing InitiativesShared data and research efforts with youth programs; Community Growers and Viva East Bank development meetings
Citzens Sustainabiility Task ForceCity of Des Moines, City Council- organizationCommunity activists and advocates
Kelsey GillionBoys and Girls ClubYouth Program Outreach 
Chris FrantsvogPolk CountyPublic health and overheating topic specialist for NSF and S&CC Proposal
David JahnUrban Forestry, City of Des MoinesCity authorization for data collection and urban forestry study, grant writer
Shane McQuillanUrban Forestry, City of Des MoinesCollaberator within City of Des Moines office, baseline city tree inventory data for all study areas
Kent NewmanCity of Des Moines Energy ManagerCollaberator with research efforts and data sharing
Mary LoschUniversity of Northern IowaEvaluator nd Human Data Collection Methodology
Nick SchwabUniversity of Northern IowaData Collection Methodology
Silvia SecchiUniversity of IowaResearch Collaborator INFEWS