Article by Passe, Shenk, and Krejci published in Taylor & Francis Online

Professors Ulrike Passe, Linda Shenk, and Caroline Krejci have been published in Taylor and Francis Online for their co-authored article on agent-based modeling (ABM), titled Agents of Change - Together: Using agent-based models to inspire social capital building for resilient communities. Topics in the paper include generating social capital, systems thinking, Agent Based Modeling, and bottom-up approaches to community resiliency. 

The essay links together a series of our teams publications to demonstrate the community benefits of using small-scale ABM networks; critical pieces of evidence for the paper were established from our initatives with our Des Moines community partnerships, and a number of key research initiatives happening here at ISU. Demonstrating authetic case studies and novel improvements in data modeling, this essay serves as a demonstration of our teams collective research agenda, and as positive confirmation of ABM's potential in community development. 

Congratulations to our authors for the outstanding publication, as well as any researchers who's work was supportive in the writing of this piece. 

To access the article, click here.